Alice Rebo Roberts

Alice Rebo Roberts Ake

Alice Rebo (Reibow on Record of Marriage) married Fred C. [Clair] Roberts on January 10, 1924.  They were married in Buffalo, Harding County, South Dakota.  Alice was 20, Fred was 47 years old. This was the first marriage for both Fred and Alice.

By 1930, according to the 1930 US Census, Fred and Alice had 3 Children; Charles Rudolph (November 02, 1924 - February 26, 1999) - 5 years old, John E. 3 years old and Adeline Victoria (January 23, 1928 - October 25, 2009) - 2 years old.  Fred was a farmer. They lived in Harding County, South Dakota. All of the children were born in South Dakota.

In the 1940 US Census, Alice, husband Fred and their children were living in Buffalo Township, Harding County, South Dakota. Fred was 64, Alice 34, son Charles was 15, son John 13, daughter Adeline was 12, and son Joseph was 1 year old.  Fred was a laborer for the public school building W.P.A.

Alice's husband Fred Clair Roberts was born on November 27, 1876 in Zumboro, Wabasha County Minnesota to William Charles, born in Ohio, and Flora Estella.  Fred died on October 04, 1949, shortly before his 73rd birthday.  They were living in South Dakota.

Family photos show Alice later in life with a man by the name of "Bill". states Alice was the "Daughter of Rudolph H. Rebo and Dora S. Rebo. Married first to Fred Clair "Shorty" Roberts (deceased 1949). Married later to William Clarence Ake (Deceased 1967)."  However, I haven't been able to find documentation of her marriage to William Ake. There is a family tree record showing Alice's spouse simply as "AKE". (Click here to see her headstone.)  I believe that Bill is William Ake, born in 1867 in Pennsylvania to parents David F. Ake and ??.  William had 3 brothers in the 1880 US Census; Benjamin - 9 years old, George - 7 years old, and John - 5 years old.  His father, David F., was a widower.  They lived with David F.'s parents, David T (May 06, 1846 - January 27, 1919) and Juliana, and David's sister, Emma in East Saint Clair, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.  David senior was a farmer, while son David was a laborer.

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