Dorothy Louise Rebo

Dorothy (Dora) Louise Rebo

Rudolph and Dora's daughter, Dorothy Rebo, also went by the nickname Dora, just as her mother did.  Dorie was another nickname used for Dorothy.

When she was 19 years old Dorothy married Joseph Marshall, 23 years old, in Los Angeles on February 17, 1921.

On November 10, 1936 Dorothy married again, to Alphonse (Al) W Kilian in Cook County, Illinois. 

It's not clear what happened to Dorothy's previous husband, Joseph Marshall. Given that Dorothy was, at the time of her marriage to Alphonse, going by her surname, Rebo, rather than the last name from her first marriage, it leads one to believe she was divorced, rather than widowed, at the time she and Alphonse married . 

Another mystery is a family photo, with the caption on the back which says "Mrs. Dora Robertson - Hayward [Wisconsin] 1936".  It is a photo of a house covered in snow, however there is another photo with the following caption on the back "Sarah's husband, Less, and Dorothy - Hayward Wis. 1936".  The woman in that photo appears to be Dorothy Rebo.  If so, where does the last name "Robertson" come from?  Did Dorothy have another marriage between Marshall and Kilian?  Is so, and she was a Robertson in 1936, then why, when she married Alphonse Kilian in that same year, 1936, was her last name listed as "Rebo", not "Robertson" on the marriage certificate?

Moving on, in the 1940 US Census, Alphonse, 48, born in 1892 on the census, in Louisiana, and Dorothy Kilian, 38, were living in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.  Alphonse was working as a switchman for the railroad.  They were boarders, living at 64 Oak Street.  No other family members are listed.  Alphonse is listed as having completed the 6th grade, Dorothy 8th grade as their highest grade.

Dorothy L Kilian died at the younge age of 45 years old, in Chicago, Illinois on April 23, 1947.  She and Alphonse were still married, he is listed as her spouse in the death record.

More about Alphonse:

His birth record states he was born on December 23, 1896 to Ernest W. Kilian [listed elsewhere as William Ernest Kilian (1858-1942)] and Nellie Welsh [listed elsewhere as Ellen Welsh (1866-1949)] in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This contridicts the 1940 US Census, which indicates he was 48 years old in 1940, therefore born in 1892.

In 1923 Alphonse Kilian was living in New Orleans, Lousiana, working as a switchman.

The 1930 US Census lists Alphonse W Killian [Kilian] as 32 years old [another date/age disparity], married to 32 year old "Honora M.", a switchman for the railroad.  All were born in Louisiana and were living in New Orleans.  They had 6 children; William V. [April 18, 1915 - New Orleans, Louisiana - January 31, 1978 - New Orleans, Orleans County, Louisiana] - 15 years old, Francis J. - 13 years old, Mary E. - 11 years old, Maud R.[Maud Rita] [March 14, 1920 - New Orleans, Orleans County, Louisiana - September 1981 - New Orleans, Louisiana] - 10 years old, Howard M. 8 years old and newborn, Anna C.- 4 months old [Anna Catherine 1930 - September 11, 2010 • Slidell, St Tammany County, Louisiana].

On October 4, 1948 Alphonse W Kilian lived at 347 N. Clark Street, chicago, Illinois.  His mother's surname was Nellie Walsh, he worked as a Stevedore for C & NW Ry Co (Chicago & North Western Railroad Company).

Alphonse married again on July 23, 1954 to Aileen Rosenbaum.  They were married in Cook County, Illinois.

Alphonse W Kilian died November 3, 1957 in Cook county, Illinois.

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