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Louis, August and wife, Bertha, and Dorothy (Dora) Handorf

Dorothy (Dora) Sophia Elise Hanna Handorf

Dorothy was born on February 11, 1867 in Neuenfeld, Prenzlau, Brandenburg, Germany

She died on October 28, 1927 in Springbrook, Washburn County, Wisconsin.

Birthdates vary on various census, however dates above are consistent with two handwritten family notes.  "Mother" is referring to Dorothy Rebo, and "Dad" is referring Rudolph Rebo on the notes.

Dorothy Immigrated to United States in 1867 on the S.V. John Bertram, sailing from Hamburg Germany to New York, New York, arriving on June 4, 1867.  Dorothy was an infant, traveling with her parents, father W.(William) G. Handorf (1830 - between 1910 and 1920) , 37 years of age, born in Prussia Germany, and mother Johana Hintz (1833 - between 1910 and 1920) (Note: There are various versions of her first and maiden name.  She is listed as Johana Hintz in the Washburn County death record of daughter, Dorothy (Dora), as Anna Hintz on her son, August's, marriage record, as Hannah Handorf on the 1870 census, as Hanna Hinze on son Louis' marriage record, as Hanna Handorf in the 1910 US Census, and Hanne Handorf on the ship's passenger list).  Johana was 34 years old, also born in Prussia, Germany.  Dorothy's two sisters, Sophie, age 7 (1860 - ?), and Marie [or Maria] (Mary), age 3 (1864 - ?), were also traveling with the Handorf family. Dorothy's name is indexed as "Doratha" on the transcribed Passenger List. 

During the period of their voyage, from 1855 to 1890, Castle Garden, rather than Ellis Island, served as a processing station for immigrants.  Ellis Island served as a processing station from 1892 - 1954.

By 1870 the Handorf family had settled in Wisconsin.  The 1870 Wisconsin State Census lists the Handorf family as living in Spring Brook, Wisconsin, in the county of Dunn as of August 6, 1870.  Place of birth for father, wife and their three daughters is listed as "Prussia".  By this time Dora now also had a little brother "August", who is listed as 1 year old, born in Wisconsin in 1869 (before August 1869 - 1942).  Her father, William was listed as a "farmer" and her mother, Hannah's occupation was listed as "keeps house".  Their value of real estate was listed as 500 and personal estate as 100.  Both Mary and Sophie were in school. Her oldest sister, Mary, is listed as being 14 years of age, which would put her year of birth as 1856, 4 years difference from the ship's manifest.  In 1874 Dora's youngest brother, Louis, was born in Dallas, Barron County, Wisconsin (February 21, 1874 - February 04, 1965).

We next catch up with Dora in the 1885 Iowa State Census, where 18 year old Dora Handorf is listed as single, living in Berlin, Clinton County, Iowa, USA with the Schwartz family.  The household consisted of F.W. Schwartz, 36,  listed as a farmer, (1849 - ?, born in Germany) and his wife Emma Schwartz, 28, listed as a housekeeper,  (1857 - ?, born in Wisconsin), three minor children Albert Schwartz, 7 (1878 - ?), Frances Schwartz, 5 (1880 - ?) and Otto Schwartz, 3 years old (1882 - ?).  All three children are listed as being born in Iowa. Another adult single man, Henry Soulderman, age 21, listed as a laborer, (1864 - ?), born in Germany, was also in the household. There originally was something written in as Dora's occupation, but it is scribbled over beyond recognition.  One can speculate that she was a hired housekeeper, cook, or perhaps nanny.

As a side note, long after Dora lived there, Berlin, Iowa's name was changed to what is now Lincoln, Iowa.  The store is interesting. Read about the name change here.

Two years later, in 1887, Dora Handorf married Erdmann Rudolph Herrmann Riebow (1864-1930).  It appears that he went by Rudolph throughout most of his life. 

On September 13, 1899 Dora's brother, August Handorf, married Bertha Blume (1871 - 1944) in Dunn, Wisconsin.  His parents are listed as William Handorf and Anna Hintz.  Bertha's parents were listed as William Blume and Helena Schmidt.

In the 1900 U.S. Census, Rudolph and Dora, now going by Rebo, had been married for 13 years and  have 5 kids, George T. - 12, Ida B. - 8, Anna M. - 5, John W. - 3 and Lavina - 1 year old. Rudolph is listed as a laborer at a sawmill.  Under "Ownership of Home" they were listed as renters of a home (vs. farm).  A relative has a family bible which explains the name change, from Riebow to Rebo.  All of their children were given the name "Rebo" at birth.  Some of Rudolph and Dora's children, however, went on to change it back, off and on according to various documentation, throughout their lives, seemingly randomly.

On October 26, 1901, Dora's youngest brother, Louis, 27 years old, married Augusta Louise Glaeser (also spelled "Glaser" in other indexes, here and here, and "Glazier" in yet others here and here), 21 years old (1880 - February 26, 1970).  Louis' mother was listed as "Hanna Hinze".  Louis and Augusta married in Prairie Farm, Barron County, Wisconsin.  Augusta was born in West Prussia, Germania, to Fredrick Glaeser and Louise Chock.

By 1905 Rudolph and Dora had 7 children, according to the 1905 Wisconsin State Census; George - 17, Edith (Ida) - 12, Anne - 10, John - 9, Vina (Alvina) - 6, Dora (Dorothy) - 4, and Alice - 1.  Rudolph was listed as a farmer and as owner.  For reasons unknown they are listed with the last name "Reis" on this census.

That same year, 1905, Dora's parents, William and Hanna, were now living on a farm next door to Dora's younger brother, Louis.  The 1905 Wisconsin State Census lists the Handorfs as living in Dallas Town, Barron County, Wisconsin.  Both, son Louis, 31 years old (February 21, 1874 - February, 1965), and father, William, 75 years old, are listed as "Head of Household", which could indicate they had neighboring farms as they were listed one after the other.  Both owned their home, free and clear, with Louis farming and William retired.

Dora's brother Louis and his wife, Augusta (Gusta), 24 years old, had one child, their daughter Lola, who was 1 year old in 1905.

According to the May 7, 1910 US Census Dora and her family were still living in Stone Lake, Washburn County, Wisconsin.  Rudolph was working as a laborer at a logging camp.  Dora is listed as the mother of 10 children, with 9 living.  Rudolph and Dora had been married for 23 years, and were now 47 and 44 years old.  Their children were listed as George F - 22, Ida B - 17, Annie M - 15, John W - 13, Alvina C - 11, Dora L - 8, Alice H - 6, Harry H - 4 and Fred S - 1.

Sometime during the 10 year span between 1910 and 1920 Rudolph changed his occupation, becoming a farmer.  In April of 1920,  the US Census lists Dora and Rudolph Rebo, now 57 and 54 respectively, as having 3 children at home; Alice - 15, Harry - 14 and Fred - 11.  Rudolph's occupation was "farmer", working on his "own account" on a "general farm".

Taken on May 5, 1910, the United States 1910 Census shows Dora's father, William, now 80 years old, and mother, Hanna, now 77 years old, living with Dora's brother, and their son, Louis Handorf, now 36 years old, and his wife and family.  Louis and his wife, Augusta, now 28 years old, had 4 children, Lola L., 6 years old, Erna A., 4 years old, Josie S., 2 years old (September 08, 1907 - ??, indexed as Josie C. and Josie Camilla Sophie Handorf here and here), and Waldon H. [Henry] 6 months old (October 16, 1909 - July 23, 1983). Louis and Augusta had been married for 8 years.  Augusta was listed as the mother of 5 children, 4 living. Augusta was born in Germany, as were both of her parents.  Augusta immigrated in 1884, according to the census. Louis was a General Farmer who owned his farm, free and clear.  William was listed as "Own Income".

Dora's parents, William and Hanna, had been married for 40 years. Hanna was listed as the mother of 7 children, 4 living.

That same year, the 1910 US Census, taken on April 28, 1910, finds Dora's brother August, his wife, Bertha and their 4 children living in the Township of Red Cedar, Dunn County, Wisconsin. August was 42 years old, Bertha 39 years old, son Harry 13 years old (1897 - ??), daughter Gladys 9 years old (1901 - ??), son Elmer 6 years old (1904 - ??) and daughter Alice 3 years old (1907 - ??). Son Harry is listed as being born in Minnesota; the other three children in Wisconsin. August was a farmer. They owned their farm, free of mortgage.

Click here to see a 1914 land ownership map of West Part of Dallas Township, Barron County, Wisconsin showing the location of Louis' land.

On September 12, 1918 brother Louis Handorf registered for the WWI draft.  He is noted as having medium height and build, blue eyes, gray hair, 44 years old. His address was 2 Ridgeland, Dunn, Wisconsin.  His wife, Agusta (spelled differently) Handorf was listed as his nearest relative.  He was a self employed farmer.

Dora's parents, William and Hanna, are no longer listed on Louis' 1920 census listing, so they both must have passed away between 1910 and 1920.  The 1920 US Census shows brother Louis still farming in Dallas, Barron County, Wisconsin, on a farm which he owned, mortgage free.  Louis was now 46 years old, and his wife Augusta (Gusta) was 39 years old.  They now had 8 children; Lula (previously indexed as "Lola", also "Lala") 16 years old (1904 - ? ), Irma (previously indexed as "Erna") 14 years old (1906 - ?), Josie 12 years old (1908 - ?), Waldon 10 years old (1910 - ?), Ruth 8 years old (1912 - ?), Irene 6 years old (1914 - ?), Gertrude 4 years old (July 15, 1915 - May 4, 2010), and Archie 1 year old [Archibald Emil] (February 6, 1918 - February 14, 1991). All of the children were born in Wisconsin. This census indicates Augusta immigrated in 1883, vs 1884, which is stated on the 1910 census.

On August 31, 1922 August and Bertha's daughter Gladys E.M. Handorf married George Oepping (1894 - ??) in Muscatine, Muscatine County, Iowa.  George was 28 years old, Gladys was 21 years old. George's parents are listed as Henry Oepping and Ida Mack.

In the 1930 US Census Louis is now 56, wife "Gusta" 49 years old.  Louis was still farming in Dallas, Barron County, Wisconsin.  This census has Gusta immigrating in 1886.  They had added another son to their family, Franklin L., 7 years old, born in 1923.  Their 3 oldest children (Lula/Lola, Irma/Erna, and Josie) were no longer living at home, however Augusta's widowed mother, Henrietta Glaser, 77 years old (1853 - ?) was now living with them.

On October 17, 1935 Louis and Augusta's daughter, Gertrude Handorf,  married Oscar Nelson (July 7, 1913 - November 1980).  They had 6 children; Bill, Nyles (married to Delores), Frank, Betty (married to Robert) Kowalski, Alice Schultz, Cathy Nelson.  Gertrude is buried at Memory Gardens Cemetery, Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois.

The 1940 US Census finds Louis and Augusta Handorf, now 66 and 59, with their youngest 2 sons living at home, Archie, now 22 years old, and Franklin, now 17 years old.  Louis was listed as "farm manager, and son Archie as "farm laborer".

On April 12, 1942 Louis and Augusta's son, Archibald E. Handorf, enlisted in the United States Army.

In 1942 Dora's brother August  passed away.  He is buried at Iron Creek Cemetery, Red Cedar, Dunn County, Wisconsin.  His wife, Bertha, joined him in 1944.

On an unknown date Louis and Augusta's son Waldon married Inez Laura Booten (1916 - 1999).  Both Waldon and Inez are buried at Sunset Cemetery, Prairie Farm, Barron County, Wisconsin. (Walson died in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota)). 

See more pictures of Dorothy and Rudolph here.