Rudolph and Dorothy (Dora) Riebow (later Rebo) - 1927 - Wisconsin - Unidentified Child in Cornfield - Grandson??

Erdmann Rudolph Herrmann Riebow (later Rebo)

Rudolph Riebow was the son of Simon Georg Friedrich (George) Riebow and Ernestine Hart.

Rudolph was born on October 26, 1864 (1863? 1900 census) in Goritz, Prenzlau, Brandenburg, Germany- He died November 30, 1930 in Springbrook, Wisconsin.  Washburn county records indicate he died from endocarditis.

The date Rudolph immigrated to the United States is contradicted in various documents.  It appears it was between 1870 and 1882 according to the following documents: 1870 in the 1900 Census - 1881 in 1910 census - 1882 in a German to American Index - 1865 in 1920 census - 1882 in 1930 census.

Rudolph married Dorothy Sophia Elise Hanna "Dora" Handorf, who immigrated in 1867 (1900 Census).  They married in 1887 according to the 1900 US Census.

Rudolph and Dorothy had 10 children:

George Fredrick Rebo was born on May 01, 1888 in Prairie Farm, Barron, Wisconsin, (family record states Ridgeland, Dunn County, Wisconsin), died on May 30, 1965, in Silverton, Oregon.

• Frank Rebo August 15, 1890 - ?? 

Ida Melwine Bertha Rebo(family record states Milvina) born on September 8, 1892 in Barron, Wisconsin, (or Ridgeland, Dunn County, Wisconsin), died on February 23, 1982, in Detroit, Michigan.

Anna Maria Elizabeth "Annie" Rebo  July 9,1894 - born in Dallas, Barron, Wisconsin, died ???

John William Rebo (later changed to Rebou) born on June 10, 1896 (or 1895)  in Dallas, Barron, Wisconsin and died on April 20, 1977, in Virginia, Saint Louis, Minnesota. Family record lists his last name as "Riebeau".

Lavina Alvina Mary C Rebo born on November 17, 1898 in Rice Lake, Barron County, Wisconsin, died on September 30, 1996, in Marion, Oregon.

Dorothy (Dora) Louise Rebo born on October 6, 1901 in Barron, Wisconsin, died on April 23, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois.  Dora was 45 years old when she passed away.

Alice Rebo (Roberts) born on August 4, 1904, died on August 17, 1991, in Belle Fourche, Meade, South Dakota (family record states Wisconsin).

Harry H. Rebo born on October 8, 1905 in Washburn, Wisconsin, died on May 23, 1989, in Lincoln, Montana.

Fred H. Rebo born on June 10, 1908 in Spring Brook, Washburn County, Wisconsin, died on January 28, 2001.  Fred was 92 years old.

Rudolph and his family lived in Rice Lake, Barron, Wisconsin in 1900, according to the 1900 US Census.

From 1910  through Rudolph's death in 1930 Rudolph lived in Stone Lake, Washburn, Wisconsin, USA.

In the 1930 US Census, taken in April, 1930, Rudolph was living alone, a widower, in Stone Lake, Washburn County, Wisconsin.  He was still listed as a farmer, on a "General Farm".

Rudolph is buried at Earl Cemetery in Earl, Washburn County, Wisconsin, USA.

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At some point, after immigrating, Rudolph changed the spelling of his last name from Riebow to Rebo.  The following story is from

Change from Riebow to Rebo

Posted 13 May 2014 by shans751

Rudolph Rebo changed the spelling of his name when he went to work for a lumber mill. On his first pay envelope they misspelled the name "Rebo" so he reportedly said, "It it's good enough fot them, it's good enough for me," and he spelled it that way from that day forth. Information taken from Family Bible.

All of Rudolph's children were given the spelling Rebo at birth, although there are various instances of some using Riebow at points in their lives.  Son John at one point used "Rebou" as his last name.

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