Ernestine Louise Herz (Hart), daughter Malvine (Millie), Riebow, daughter Minnie Riebow and unidentified child - Church in Germany

Ernestine Louise Herz (Hart)

Ernestine was born on September 18, 1839 in Neuenfeld, Prenzlau, Brandenburg, Germany

Ernestine died on November 01, 1918 in Stanwood, Mecosta County, Michigan.

Ernestine was the daughter of Frederich Herz (Hart) (1814 - ??), and Charoltte Winter (1819 - ??).  Both parents were born in Germany, according to the 1900 and 1910 US Census.

Ernestine married Simon Georg (George) Friedrich Riebow in 1860.  According to the 1900 US Census, they had 9 children, with 8 living at that time. According to the 1910 US Census, they had 7 children, with 7 living at that time.

According to the Fredrickson/Rebo Family tree on, Ernestine and George's children, all born in Germany, were::

Bertha L Riebow 1862-1942 - born in Neuenfeld, Prenzlau, Brandenburg, Germany

Erdmann Rudolph Herrmann Riebow October 26, 1863 (or 1864 according to family note) - born in Goritz, Prenzlau, Brandenburg, Germany.

Augusta Ernestine Frederike Pauline Riebow  November 13, 1867-1962 - born in Berlin, Germany.

Frank C. Riebow October 1869-1953 - born in Germany

Minnie M. Riebow March 13, 1874-1969 - born in Neuenfeld, Prenzlau, Brandenburg, Germany

Helena Anna Elizabeth (Lena) Riebow December 18, 1877-1943 - born in Neuenfeld, Prenzlau, Brandenburg, Germany.

Malvine (Millie) Riebow ???-1928

Immigrated in 1882

In 1900 Census listed Morton, Mecosta, Michigan as place of residence

In the 1910 US Census, still in Mecosta, Michigan, Ernestine (indexer's error, listed as Ernestina) Riebow, now 70 years old and widowed, lived with her son Frank Riebow - 40 years old, his wife, Elizabeth - 35 years old, and their 6 children; George - 18 years old, Frank - 16 years old, Carl - 8 years old, Fredric - 16 years old, Eitel - 4 years old and Herbert - 20 months old. Year immigrated is illegible, however the indexer listed 1881 for Ernestine and 1887 for her son Frank. Given that Ernestine has a life estate, it was probably the farm that she and deceased husband owned.  Frank occupation was listed as farmer, and his two oldest sons, George and Frank, were listed as farm worker/laborers.

Unless otherwise cited, this information is taken from family records.  Read more about them on Simon's page.