Brothers Ted and Harry Rebo

Harry H Rebo

In 1930, according to the US Census, Harry, 23 years old, was living with his sister, Lavina, her husband, Guy Harris, and their children in Roosevelt County, Montana.  Guy was a farmer, and Harry a laborer.

Harry Rebo, 25 years old, married Celina Maybelle Leford, 16 years old, on November 5, 1930.  The marriage license lists Harry as being from Springbrook, Wisconsin and Celina as being from Bainville, Montana.  Harry's parents are recorded as R. Rebo and Dora Handorf.  Celina's parents are recorded as Peter Leford and Mary Beaulure.  They were married in Wolf Point, Montana, witnessed by Harry's Brother-in-Law Guy Harris (sister Alvina's husband), and Celina's mother, Mary Barnier (written on the same document as Beaulure).

Brothers Harry Rebo and Fred Rebo married half-sisters, Lucille Barnier and Celina LaFord.

In 1940, according to the US Census, Harry, 34, and Celina, 25, were living in Bainville, Roosevelt County, Montana.  They had two children; Carl S., 8 years old (October 30, 1931 - May 28, 2010), and Marjerie M., 6 years old, both born in Montana. (They went on to have two more children, Steve and Diane, according to Harry's obituary).

Harry and Celina's daughter, Marjorie M. Rebo, 18 years old, married Delbert J. Wilkes, 20 years old, in Libby, Montana on May 6, 1949.  Delbert's parents are recorded as Robert P. Wilkes and Mary L. Little.  Their marriage was witnessed by Marjorie's brother, Carl, and Ida M. Garrison of Libby, Montana.

Harry and Celina divorced sometime between 1940 and 1947.

Harry died on May 23, 1989 at the age of 83.  According to, Harry is buried at the Libby Cemetery in Lincoln County, Montana.  Social security records and his headstone have a different middle initial; L rather than H. 

Harry lived in Libby, Montana at the time of his death. His son Carl lived in Libby, Montana, son Steve lived in Troy, Montana, daughter Diane Rebo Hockley lived in Dillon, Montana and daughter Marjorie Rebo Aldrich lived in Washington State.  At the time of his death Harry had 21 grandchildren.

According to the article posted in the Great Falls Tribune, Harry was raised in Wisconsin, moving to Montana in 1926 [where he farmed with other family members].  He also farmed for 4 years in North Dakota before moving to Libby, Montana in 1944.  Harry also worked for J. Neils Lumber Company before retiring in 1971.

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