John William Rebo Rebou - June 1964

John William Rebo

When John William (Johann Willhelm Erdmann) Rebo (later Rebou) was born on June 10, 1895, in Dallas, Barron County, Wisconsin, his father, Erdmann, was 32 and his mother, Dorothy, was 29. He had four brothers and five sisters.

At the age of 21 John William Rebo, while residing in Stone Lake, Wisconsin, married Anna S. Victoria Ekquist (or Ekouist?), 23 years old, who lived in Stone Lake, Wisconsin.  Virginia was born in Sweden, to a milliner, Martin Ekquist and his wife, Kristina.  Both of Virginia's parents were born in Finland.  The wedding took place on Nov 27, 1917 at Stone Lake with F. W. Gagner of Springbrook officiating. Witnesses were Mr. and Mrs. James Hogan of Stone Lake. This information comes from marriage record - Vol. 5, page 242 of the county records.  A family note conflicts with the year, noting the year was 1918.

On June 5, 1918 John registered for the draft in Washburn, Wisconsin.  His birth date is listed as June 10, 1906. At the time he was a self-employed farmer, living in Stone Lake, Wisconsin.

Sometime between 1918 and 1930 John changed the spelling of his last name, from Rebo to Rebou.

In the 1930 US Census, John is indexed as "Rebau" but it appears to be an indexer's error for what should be "Rebou".  He was 33, working as a laborer in the mining industry.  His wife, Anna, is listed as 41 years old, indicating she was 28 when they married, which conflicts with the county record, which lists her as 23 at the time of their marriage.  They had 5 children; Doris - 9 years old, Richard - 7 years old; Raymond - 5 years old, Eva - 3 years old and John 18 months old.  Their first two children, Doris Margurite (July 01, 1920 - August 31, 2003) and Richard William Rebou (June 14, 1922 - March 9, 1995), were born in Wisconsin, while the three younger children, Raymond Calvin Rebou (November 25, 1924 - April 18, 2007), Eva Victoria (October 28, 1926 - January 26, 2004) and John Rebo (1928 - date unknown, prior to 2003), were born in Minnesota.  At the time of the census, John and family were living in Virginia City, St. Louis County, Minnesota.

Daughter Doris died in Marysville, Washington.

For unknown reasons, John's daughter Eva is recorded as having three variations of her surname; Rebou, Rebeau and Rebo.

John Rebo (Rebou) died on April 20, 1977, in Virginia, Saint Louis County, Minnesota, at the age of 80.

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