Alvina Rebo

Lavina Alvina Mary C Rebo

Lavina Alvina Rebo married Guy Harris on October 8, 1916 in Plentywood, Sheridan County, Montana.  He was 23 years old, she was 18 years old.

Guy Aldrich Harris (Dec 26, 1893 (or 1892?  See Draft Registration cards note below) - 1964) and Alvina had 4 children, Rex Aldrich, born August 27, 1917, Howard Norman, born August 18, 1919, Alvina Lillie, born October 15, 1921, and Guy Aldrich, Jr., born on May 29, 1927 (died March 30, 2005 in Lincoln City, Oregon).

Guy's WWI Draft Registration card, dated June 5, 1917, lists his birth date as December 26, 1892, however his WWII Draft Registration card lists his birth date as December 26, 1893.

The 1920 US Census, taken in February, shows that Guy, wife Alvina, and sons Rex - 2 years 4 months old, and Howard, 5 months old as living in Sheridan County, Montana.  Guy was farming rented land.

The 1930 US Census finds the Harris family farming in Roosevelt County, Montana.  Rex was 12 years old, Howard, 10, Elvina 8 and Guy Jr. 2 years old.  The record indicates all four children were born in Montana.  Alvina's brother, Harry Rebo, was listed as living with them, working as a laborer.

Baptism records show that Guy and Alvina had all four children baptised on July 15, 1932 at the First English Lutheran Church in Bainville, Montana.

The 1940 US Census shows that oldest son, Rex A Harris, was 22, single and in the US Army Coast Artillery, living in Salem, Oregon.

Alvina died in 1996, and is buried next to Guy, who died in 1964, at City View Cemetery in Salem, Marion County, Oregon, in Section M.

According to, son Guy Jr. married Constance (Connie) Lavonne Bennett (February 22, 1931 RapidCity, Pennington County, South Dakota- February 7, 1998 Lincoln City, Lincoln County, Oregon).  Together they had one son, Stanley Paul Harris (July 30, 1956 Escanaba, Delta County, Michigan - January 29,2010 Brown County, Wisconsin).

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