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Mary Barnier at Daughter Lucille & Son-in-Law's House in Lake Stevens, WA - 1970s

Marie (Mary) Anna Beaulieu

Note: There are a lot of discrepancies, and inaccuracies, in these documents. Information on this website is recorded as stated on the documents referenced, discrepancies and all.

Marie (Mary) Anna Beaulieu was born on December 10, 1886 in Wales, Cavalier County, North Dakota, to parents Denis (Deny) Adelard Hudon Dit Beaulieu (aka Uden) (May 6, 1861, Québec, Canada - 1950, Cavalier County, North Dakota) and Josephine Beaudry (November 28, 1862, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada - March 12, 1943, Wales, Cavalier County, North Dakota, USA)

Josephine was the daughter of Elie Beaudry (April 30, 1840, Joliette, Quebec, Canada - October 9, 1907, Pembina County, North Dakota, USA) and Philomene Pigeon (May 24, 1842, Montréal, Quebec, Canada - March 03, 1878, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada) (source

Denis was the son of Pierre Beaulieu (1833 - ??, Québec, Quebec, Canada) and Henriette (1836 - ??, Québec, Quebec, Canada)  The 1881 Canada Census shows the Beaulieu family lived in Ste-Angèle, Rimouski, Quebec, Canada.

The 1881 Census of Canada shows Denis Beaulieu, born in Quebec in 1860, 21 years old, was a farmer, "cultivateur" in French", living with his parents and siblings.  His father, Pierre Beaulieu, was 48 years old, mother, Henriette Beaulieu 45 years old, and siblings were Pierre 19 years old, Georiana 17 years old, Joseph 16 years old, Edouard 13 years old, Honoie 11 years and Napoleon 9 years old.

By 1900 Denis and Mary's mother Josephine, were married and had immigrated to the United States.  The 1900 US Census, see here and here, indicates Denis immigrated to the US in 1875, (although he is listed on the 1881 Canadian census as living with his parents in Quebec in 1881...perhaps he went back and forth?) and Josephine immigrated in 1881.  Denis and Josephine had married in 1883 and by 1900 had 6 children. The 1900 US Census has Denis, Josephine and family living in Moscow, Cavalier County, North Dakota.  The household consisted of father, now spelled "Denny", 40 years old, mother Josephine, 34 years old, and children Mary Anna 12 years old, Authur, 10 years old, Georgina 7 years old, UorWaonta 4 years old, Peter 2 years old and Lorne 1 year old.  Both Denny and Josephine's father's birthplaces were listed as France,Canada, both Denny and Josephine's mother's as Canada,France.  Denny is listed as being born in December 1859, Josephine as November 1865. They had been married for 17 years.  Deny was a farmer.  He couldn't read or write, Josephine could read and write. They owned their own house, with a mortgage. Denny and Josephine were born in Canada, all of their kids were born in "Dakota", neither North or South are indicated in the document.

The 1920 US Census lists Denis  "Beauliew" - 68 years old, and Josephine, 56 years old, as living in South Dresden, Cavalier County, North Dakota. This census lists his immigration year as 1880 for Denis, 1879 for Josephine. Native tongue for both was was French, although the entire family spoke English. Denis' father is listed as being born in France, his mother in Canada.  Josephine's father and mother were born in Canada. He was a farmer on his own farm.  They had 5 children living at home; Arthur Beauliew 31 years old, Lorne Beauliew 21 years old, Delina Beauliew 17 years old, Lula Beauliew 14 years old (August 19, 1905 - April 28, 1990, aka Lula A. Tigue) and Lawrence Beauliew 6 years old. All children were born in North Dakota.

The 1925 North Dakota State Census lists Denis "Beaulia" 69 years old, Josephena Beaulia 56 years old, Authur Beaulia 36 years old, Delina Beaulia 21 years old and Lawrence Beaulia 12 years old all as living in Dresden, Cavalier County, North Dakota.

The 1930 US Census has "Dennis" 70 years old, Josaphine 67 years old and son Authur A. 41 years old and single living in Minto, Cavalier County, North Dakota. Father and son were farming.  This census lists year immigrated as 1881 for Denis and Josaphine.

A social security application, specific date unknown, lists "Dennis" Beaulieu, his wife as Josephine "Beaudrie" and daughter as Delina E. Borho.

Death records indicate "Dennis" Beaulieu is buried at Saint Michaels Cemetery, Cavalier County, North Dakota.

Back to their eldest daughter, Mary....

By 1910 Mary was married.  The 1910 US Census, taken on May 23, 1910, shows Mary a wife, and a mother of 4 children; Louis 6 years old, Julia 4 years old, Joseph 3 years old and Edmund (Edmond elsewhere) 3 months old.  Her husband's name was Peter [E.] Leford (1904 - 1997) and they had been married for 7 years.  They were living in Cavalier County, North Dakota.  The census indicates that Peter was born in Massachusetts. Both his mother and father were born in Canada. Mary was born in North Dakota, both her mother and father were born in Canada.  Peter was 33, so he would have been born in 1876 or 77, depending on the month.  It says he immigrated to the US in 1878 but if he was born in Massachusetts that doesn't make sense.  Peter was a carpenter. They were renting a house.

Mary and Peter went on to have two more children; Clarence ( 1912 - 2007) and Celina (1914 - ??).

More about Mary and Peter Leford's 6 children (Note: Spelling is intermittently "LaFord" and "LeFord" throughout various documentation, sometimes with a capital F, othertimes with a lowercase F):

Louis Pete Leford (May 24, 1904 - January 19, 1997 spelled Leford).  The 1940 US Census, taken on May 16, 1940, shows Lou, his wife and son living in Patterson E Precinct, Lemhi County, Idaho.  Their name is spelled "LaFord".  Lou was 35 years old, his wife, Sadie M. Johnson (October 27, 1908 - September 19, 1983), was 32 years old and their son, Sidney, was 12 years old.  Lou and son Sidney were both indexed as being born in North Dakota, wife Sadie in Minnesota.  Lou was working as a miner.  The census indicates that in 1935 Lou and family lived in Shoshone County, Idaho. In 1939 his total income was $840.00.  In 1970 Lou and his son were living in Mossyrock, Washington, (spelled LaFord) where Lou worked as a park manager.  Lou lived to be 93 years old, and died in Lewis, Washington.

Julia Louise (Ann) Laford (May 16, 1906 - May 13, 1995)  Read about Julia by clicking here.

Joseph Oscar Leford (September 25, 1907 - April 12, 2000).  In the 1930 US Census, taken on April 03, 1930, Joseph was a lodger, 22 years old, single, working as a laborer in the road grading industry in Fort Peck Township, Roosevelt County, Montana. The 1940 US Census, (spelled LaFord) taken on April 18, 1940, shows Joe living with his half-sister, Lucille Barnier Rebo, 20 years old, her husband, Fred Rebo, 31 years old, and Fred and Lucille's son, Lawrence Rebo, 3 years old.  The were living in Black Bear, Mace Election Precinct, Shoshone County, Idaho. Joe was 32 years old, single and working as a miner.  The census lists his birthplace as Michigan. They lived next door to brother Clarence LaFord, 27 years old, his wife Blanche L., 21 years old, their daughter Yvonne M. 2 years old, son Arthur C., 1 year old, and daughter Gloria D., a baby less than one year old. Clarence also worked in the mines. This census indicates that in 1935 Joe, Fred and Lucille lived in New Deal, Montana. On December 23, 1941 Joseph married Anne L. (May 01, 1913 - December 13, 2003). In 1985 Joe and family were living in Tacoma, Washington. In 1993 they were still in Tacoma. In January 01, 2001 Anne was living in Orting, Washington. Both Joseph and Anne are buried at New Tacoma Cemetery in University Place, Washington.

Edmond "Ted" Rolland Leford (February 13, 1910 - 1970) (spelled LaFord).  Ted was born in Wales, North Dakota.  Ted lived in the Bainville, Montana area, Wallace, Idaho, Drummond, Montana, Spokane Washington and Ronan Montana. On December 16, 1942 Ted married Edna [Jackson] Stinger. His name is spelled "Edmond R. LaFord" on their marriage certificate.  Ted was 32 years old, Edna was 35 years old.  At the time of their marriage both were living in Drummond, Montana. Ted's parents are listed as "Peter LaFord" and "Mary Beaulu". Edna was born in Woodriver, Nebraska and was divorced.  She was the daughter of E.L. Jackson and Essie Helen Banta.  Their marriage was witnessed by Paul J. Jacobsen and Agnes Robb.  Ted had a step-son and three step-daughters.

Clarence Stanley Laford (given spelling on all documentation found) was born on May 22, 1912 in Wales, North Dakota. Clarence married Blanch Lazuene Hemingson on July 31, 1936 in Bainville, Montana.  Clarence was 24 years old, Blanch was 18 years old. Blanch was born at Noanan, North Dakota to the parents of Henry Hemingson and Mabel R. Peterson. Their marriage was witnessed by Mary Barnier and Ferril Dunn.  Clarence died on July 15, 2007 in Spokane, Washington at the age of 95 years old.

Celina Maybelle Leford (Rebo)(Cole) (November 17, 1914 - August 03, 2003). On November 5, 1930 Celina Maybelle LeFord married Harry Rebo.  Celina was 16 years old, Harry was 25 years old. Harry was from Springbrook, Wisconson, Celina from Bainville, Montana.  The marriage was witnessed by Guy Harris (Harry's brother-in-law, husband to sister Levina) and Celina's mother, Mary Barnier.  Harry was the brother of Fred Rebo, Celina's sister, Lucille Barnier Rebo's, husband. The 1940 US Census shows Harry and Celina living in Bainville, Roosevelt County, Montana, where Celina was born, with their two children, Carl S (October 30, 1931 - May 28, 2010)., 8 years old, and Marjorie M. 6 years old.  Both children were born in Montana.  Harry was working as a laborer on a "W.P.A. Gravel Project", (Works Progress Administration was a federal program that provided jobs from 1930 until 1942, during the Depression)..  His income for 1939 was $500.  Harry and Celina divorced sometime between 1940 and 1947.  On August 5, 1947 Celina married Wilbur G. Cole (December 1, 1913 - September 29, 1998), 33 years old.  Celina was 32 years old.  They were both living in Libby, Montana at the time of their marriage.  Wilbur was born on December 01,1913 in Canyon City, Colorado to Henry W. Cole and Vessie Cummings. On their marriage license Celina's mother is named as "Minnie Beoulur".  They were married in Kalispell, Flathead County, Montana.  Their marriage was witnessed by Una J. McMillan and Henry Madsen.. Celina died in Spokane, Washington, at the age of 89 years old. Celina is buried at Libby Cemetery in Libby, Lincoln County, Montana, USA.  Read more about Harry Rebo here.  See pictures of Harry, Celina and family here.

Click here to see photos of Peter and Mary's children.

Sometime between 1914 and 1917 Mary and Peter divorced.

On September 07, 1917 Mary married Julian Barnier, 32 years old, on September 7, 1917 when she was 30 years old.  It was Julian's first marriage, Mary's second. Both Julian and Mary were living in Bainville, Roosevelt County, Montana.  They were married by a Justice of the Peace in Culbertson, Montana, as witnessed by William Beaudry and Malvina Beaudry. For unknown reasons, Mary's father is listed as Dennis Uden on her marriage license to Julian Barnier.

The 1920 US Census shows Mary, now Mary Barnier, 32 years old, living in Roosevelt County, Montana with husband Julian, 34 years old, and 7 children; Julia 14 years old, Joseph 12 years old, Edmund, 10 years old, Clarence 8 years old, Bell 6 years old, Albert 4 years old and Lucy 2 years old.  The 2 youngest children, Albert and Lucy, were born in Montana. Julian, his mother and his father were all born in France.  Julian was a farmer, working as an employee. (Note: The transcriber incorrectly indexed the last name as "Barmeir".

The 1940 US Census shows Mary, and her two youngest children living in Montana. It lists their 18 year son as Head of Household, although with the name of "Julian A.", for unknown reasons.  The age indicates it was son Lawrence A. He is listed as a farmer, on his own farm. Mary is listed as mother to Head of Household and Adeline, her youngest daughter, as Sister to Head of Household. Click here to read about Mary and Julian's life together during the Great Depression and drought, and about Mary and Julian homesteading land in Montana.

Mary and Julian Barnier had 4 children:  They farmed on their homesteaded property, north of Bainville, Montana, for several years.

More about Mary and Julian Barnier's 4 children:

Albert Moses Barnier (February 25, 1917 - January 02, 2011) was born in Bainville, Montana.  Albert married his wife of 69 years, Anna Ruth Miller  (July 4, 1918 - September 27, 2007) on November 26, 1938.  Anna was the daughter of William Miller and Ruth Prince. Albert and Anna had three sons; Loren D. (1942 - 1967), Lynn (Yvette), Cecil (Merna).  Albert had five grandchildren at the time of his death.

Margaret Lucille Barnier (Rebo) (May 22, 1919 - September 5, 2010). Read about Lucille by clicking here.

Lawrence Andrew Barnier (August 18, 1921 - November 15, 2008). Lawrence married Kathryn Esther Ritter (April 11, 1925 - March 13, 2008) (daughter of George Washington Ritter and Evelyn Bessie Mumby) on January 29, 1945 in Wolf Point, Montana.  The marriage was witnessed by Lawrences's sister, Adeline Portra, and Jerry Amsler  They had 6 children; Shirley (Ollie) Mogensen, Susan (Robert) Robinson, Jerry (Lynda) Barnier, Larry (Paulette) Barnier, Barb (Randy) Olson, Gary (Sue) Barnier.  Lawrence is buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, next to his wife, Kathryn.

Adeline Denise Barnier (Portra)(Giese) (February 28, 1924 - October 5, 2006).  Adeline married Peter Portra (March 22, 1914 - August 11, 1965) in Wolf Point, Montana on December 20, 1942. Adeline and Peter had 6 children; Terrence Lee "Terry" (Cheryl), Dennis Ray "Denny" (Ruby), Peter (Kass), Mick (Melanie), Lynne (Paul) Portra Finnicum, Darcy (Godfrey) Portra Saunders. In 1971 Adeline married Raymond Giese.  Raymond had 6 children; Gene, Wayne, Darrell, Craig, Maureen Giese Williams, Roxanne Giese Nickoloff. At the time of Adelines death she had 46 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Click here to see photos of Julian and Mary's children.

Mary is found under a variety of last names other than Barnier and Leford; Hudson, Beauleau, Minnie Beoulur, Beaulure, Beaulieu, and Baulier.

Mary died on June 28, 1983 in Culbertson, Roosevelt County, Montana. At the time of her passing, Mary had 33 grandchildren, 89 great-grandchildren and 23 great-great-grandchildren.  Mary's fathers name is indexed as Dennis Beaulieu on Mary's obituary.

Mary is buried at Bainville Cemetery, Bainville, Roosevelt County, Montana.

See pictures of Mary here.